Integrate your content into a real scene with the augmented reality for informative or entertainment solutions …
Or immerse your audience into a virtual scene for an impactful experience.


The fusion of digital information and real environment.


The Augmented Reality is a view of a real world environment including some digital elements. It can be in live, direct or indirect. In fact, the reality is modified by a computer. The technology consist in modifying the current perception of the reality by including video, graphics, …
Thanks to the advanced technology, the information about the surrounding real world can become interactive and digitally touchable. The selected media (video, 3D, 2D, text, …) overlay the real view.

Key Features

  • Recognition of an image, a symbol, an object, a face or a body
  • Space location in real time
  • User friendly

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Virtual Reality Glasses

Let your audience travel into a virtual journey.


Transport your public to an infinite world, thanks to the virtual reality glasses. It allows the user to visit virtually a 360 degrees scene. Fully customisable, the virtual reality can make the people travel into a selected path or it can be an open world, where the public will move as they want.

Key Features

  • Head and position tracking
  • Free movement into the virtual scene
  • User friendly

Interactive Characters

Interact with a virtual character.


The interactive character can be set up on a TV or as an hologram. Controlled by someone in backstage, it is a funny way to give information to the people.
We can also integrate it on a robot to allow the interactive character of your choice to move closer to the visitors and guide them.

Key Features

  • Fully customisable
  • Innovative way of creating a relationship with customers
  • Eye-catching technology