Augmented Reality

 What Is It



This technology is a great marketing tool to explain product’s characteristics in a interactive and out of standard way.

If talking academic and technical, Augmented Reality can be explained as the generation of a composite view for the user that is the combination, in real time, of a virtual scene viewed by the user, via a camera for example, and a virtual scene generated by the computer, therefore augmenting the scene with additional information.

Straightforwardly, three main stages are recognized in the Augmented Reality process of treatment of real time video flux::
1. Recognition of an image, an object, a face or a body,
2. Space location in real time of this image, object, face or body,
3. Superposition of a media (video, 3D, 2D, text, etc.) on this image, objects, face or body.

This journey between reality and videogames may be used in educations, exhibitions and hospitals.